Shakebook v0.3.0.1 Released!

This release now places Shakebook firmly on top of shake-plus and the documentation will be rewritten to introduce the approach as a shake-plus ruleset. The shakebook-lib library itself has evaporated somewhat, mostly leaving only things directly related to pandoc, mustache or default strings.

The approach of keeping the default rules in Shakebook.Defaults has been scrapped, and that is now back again in user control. This was a nightmare originally, but now that shake-plus is a factor keeping the build logic in feels considerably more compositional, and allows us to add caches which has sped the built up by about 50x.

  • Upgrade to shake-plus v0.1.3.0 to take advantage of new interface consistency.
  • readMarkdownFile now extracts images from the pandoc and calls need on them.
  • Removed most default code, moved back to user level.
  • Tempate now uses caching for loading posts resulting in significant speedup.
  • Add withSocialLinks function.
  • Remove “affix-style” json bolt-ons in favour of compositional approach.
  • Add sbGlobalApply to apply a function on every page that comes into existence whether generated or loaded.
  • Removed Shakebook.Aeson and moved to new library aeson-with