Shakebook v0.1.0.0 Released!

This is a first preview of Shakebook with an example blog post demonstrating the capabilities. Shakebook is just a template repository containing opinionated ways to set up a documentation site using Haskell and Shake. You can fork the repository and add/remove whatever you want.


  • Shake static site application that can export technical documentation both to HTML and to PDF using pandoc
  • Comes with a nix shell with full
  • LaTeX and video rendering capabilities.
  • Supports user configuration of table of contents via the Shakefile.hs
  • Supports additional compilation units via shake.
  • Features two examples - one video rendering example with reanimate and one generated image using R using inline-r.
  • Supports a blog section with tags, links to tag filtered pages and links to month filtered pages.
  • Includes bootstrap and fontawesome Supports
  • MathJax and code syntax highlighting via pandoc’s highlighting engine. Features an example documentation section containing the documentation for Shakebook itself.
  • Supports Atom feed generation from blog data.

Some features are undocumented but will be soon. Have fun!