• Shakebook v0.4.0.0 Released!

    Posted Tuesday, May 26, 2020 with tags: shakebook release

    This is a small release and will probably start a series of new smaller minor releases as most of the functionality has been offloaded to shake-plus. This mainly just cleans up the hardcoded config type that was present when defaults still lived in the library.

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  • Shakebook v0.3.0.1 Released!

    Posted Saturday, May 16, 2020 with tags: shakebook release

    This release now places Shakebook firmly on top of shake-plus and the documentation will be rewritten to introduce the approach as a shake-plus ruleset. The shakebook-lib library itself has evaporated somewhat, mostly leaving only things directly related to pandoc, mustache or default strings.

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  • Shakebook v0.2.2.0 Released!

    Posted Wednesday, May 06, 2020 with tags: shakebook release

    This is an interim release in advance of shakebook v0.3, as we make several huge architecture changes. We introduce new library shake-plus, which replaces the standard shake API with path safe versions. shake-plus is still a little rough but it’s made life considerably easier not having to deal with raw FilePaths everywhere.

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  • Shakebook v0.2.0.4 Released!

    Posted Friday, May 01, 2020 with tags: shakebook release

    This release moves Shakebook from a templating repository to a full library with an API, and a sensible set of defaults, tests and other general quality of life improvements. You still sort of need to know what you’re doing in order to use it, but if you know Shake you shouldn’t have many issues getting simple sites to work.

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  • Shakebook v0.1.0.0 Released!

    Posted Sunday, April 12, 2020 with tags: shakebook release

    This is a first preview of Shakebook with an example blog post demonstrating the capabilities. Shakebook is just a template repository containing opinionated ways to set up a documentation site using Haskell and Shake. You can fork the repository and add/remove whatever you want.

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