Markdown & Table of Contents

Adding new markdown documents to your Shakebook is as simple as adding a new document in the site/docs folder and then updating the table of contents in the Shakefile.hs.

The table of contents itself is represented as a Rosetree, (or alternatively a Cofree [] (Path Rel File)). That is, a section header document followed by a list of subsections, recursively. We stop at 3 layers by convention, but some second level sections have no subsections.

tableOfContents :: Cofree [] (Path Rel File)
tableOfContents = $(mkRelFile "docs/") :< [
                    $(mkRelFile "docs/1/") :< []
                  , $(mkRelFile "docs/2/") :< [
                  $(mkRelFile "docs/2/") :< []

Note, at present you must perform an rm -rf public .shake before rerunning shake if you change the Shakefile itself. The Shakefile does not track itself as a build dependency.

A markdown document is a yaml header followed by a bunch of markdown.

title: "My Document"
author: Me
tags: [shakebook]
description: A description of my document

# My Header

Some text

* A bullet point

Note, only the HTML table of contents will use the yaml title field to display the name, whereas the table of contents in the PDF export will use the hash headers in the markdown body itself.